Being a part of, and giving back to, the world community is an integral part of who we are at Innovatrix.

We believe that everyone should give back when in a position to do so. Therefore we are doing our part by giving 1% of all our sales revenue to the United Nations World Food Programme.

We believe their efforts to achieve zero hunger and put an end to the food insecurity that blights the lives of more than 800 million people worldwide are inspirational and impactful.

We collaborate with the WFP and contribute to shared objectives that hope to deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness in the fight against world hunger.

‘WFP offers its partners cutting edge expertise in a range of areas, from nutrition and food security to logistics, telecommunications, and long-term capacity building; the scale of its operations and presence in 80 countries; operational qualities such as agility, responsiveness, and delivery focus; and core values like accountability and transparency.’

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